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Hello! Welcome, to my purrsonal site. Take a look around, a gander, even. If you're coming back, and you don't like the new look, sorry!! Make your own webbed site!!!!

What's Up Kitty?
Updates 猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市 -New layout, again. Yay!
- added links 2 other sites also yayy button
- New layout kinda yayyy
- Pokemon page wip :3
- Changed th song bc idk! nyways, ill add new songs to the music playr soon... probably replace the decome with max graphics x3
- new uhhh top bar thingamagic T_T;;
- New about me page :3 yay
- Max. Blue hair boy. Click Him. Now. + Guest book yayy + NEW BLOG!!! read it nowww
- Musica stuff and also banner stuff!!!!
- Cooler blog!
- About me Page
- Husband Of The erm!
- Added new highlight + link colour and added a lil button I made!
- New layout again ^_^ hehe...
- Added blog back! ( will add sections + just make it more pleasing to the eye soon... )
- Added blinkes + 2 new songs ^_^ + Link to my neocities!!
- Finally... A whole ass new layout... 猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市猫市
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